Spectator Policy


Spectators, including parents, are to have no influence on play. Any direction, instruction, interference, scolding, or advice given to any player is a violation of the Spectator Policy and the JGFP Code of Conduct. Any of these incidents or similar incidents may result in disqualification of the player. Spectators or parents violating this rule will be asked to leave the course and the property. Incidents will be reviewed by the JGFP Tournament Director to determine any further action.Serious violations may result in suspension of membership.
Advice (Rule 8) is any counsel or suggestion which could influence a player in determining his play, the choice of a club or the method of making a stroke. In addition, any conversation between player/spectator may be construed as advice. This includes any conversation between player/spectator in their native language. In either instance, penalty for breach of this rule is two strokes. Players are responsible for the actions of their relatives and spectators in regards to this rule.
Keeping the above statement in mind, please keep your conversation with the player to words of encouragement as long as advice is not given.

Spectators are prohibited from the following areas:

  • Tees, Fairways, Greens;
  • Scoring and Starting areas; and,
  • Rules Situations

Spectators should not give rulings. Please seek a JGFP rules official if the need arises.


Spectators may walk ahead of the flight they are following in order for them to be able to assist in observing and locating errant balls. It is permissible to point to the area where the ball travelled but spectators are not authorized to assist the player in searching for the ball unless asked by a tournament official.


Spectators are permitted to carry items for players (e.g. a rainsuit, umbrella, food, and drink). However, once a spectator has given the item to the player they are not to retrieve the item at any time during the round.


Each host course has its own particular dress-code policy. Spectators who do not meet the standard established by the host club, may be refused admittance to both the golf course and/or clubhouse.


All mobile devices must be set to the “vibrate” only or “silent” mode or turned off. It is the responsibility of the spectator to follow the policy of our host facility.


Spectators who wish to rent golf carts to ride at a JGFP event may do so from the host golf club. However, some host courses do not allow spectators or spectators without golf carts. Please make sure to check each venues own policy concerning this. Spectators must obey the golf course cart policy and must remain on the cart path at all times. Should the usage of your golf cart interfere with the tournament, you will be asked to return to the clubhouse.
All players and spectators are not permitted to ride on the back of a golf cart at any time during JGFP competitions.


  • Alcohol Consumption, smoking and vaping is strictly prohibited while on the golf course.
  • Spectators attend JGFP events at their own risk.


Based on a breach of the Spectator Policy, any or all of the following penalties could be given:

  • Verbal warning to the spectator and/or the player.
  • Two-stroke penalty to the player being followed.
  • Disqualification from the tournament of the player being followed.
  • Spectator banned from the golf course and or property for the round.
  • Spectator banned from the tournament.
  • Spectator banned from future JGFP events.