Special Announcement – Caddie

Special Announcement

As we track the heat index forecasted in the coming days, the Tournament Director and in consultation with the Tournament, Rules and Awards committee, have unanimously approved the following changes and adjustments for the IMG Academy Qualifying Tournament happening this coming Friday until Sunday, March 25-27:

1. CADDIES:  All participants shall now have caddies to assist them with their golf equipment.
         a. For Age Group 9-10, personal caddies will still be allowed as the designated caddie, performing all caddie duties for the player, while the club caddie can only assist in limited functions to keep up the pace of play (See Terms of Competition). If the player opts to use a personal caddie, club caddies CANNOT touch the player’s equipment nor can they function as an umbrella girl.
         b.  For Age groups 11-12; 13-14; & 15-18, only CLUB CADDIES are allowed for these divisions. However, caddies are NOT ALLOWED to give advice to the player throughout the round thus, they are also prohibited from entering the greens to assist the players in any way. Players must mark, lift, clean and replace their ball on their own throughout the stipulated rounds.

       Breach of rules:
       1st offense – Warning
       2nd offense – General Penalty (2 strokes)
       3rd offense – Disqualification

2. GOLF CARTS: No golf cart rule shall still be in effect for all players and their caddies in this competition. However, there will be official golf carts designated between selected holes, where the players may ride from the green to the next teeing ground.
        -From green of 5 to tee box 6
        -From green of 15 to tee box 16
         AOKI COURSE:
        -From green of 9 to tee box 10

3. Because of the expected heat over the weekend, the players are encouraged to carry with them more water than usual.

Let’s all come prepared for the challenging IMG Academy Junior World Qualifying tournament!

Play well, kids! Play your best!