Final Reminders on Entry Verification and Submission of Scorecards

Some reminders for the tournament:

Bag drop for players will be on the respective course where they will play:

Norman players proceed to Norman bag drop, and Aoki players proceed to Aoki bag drop. A bag stub will be given.

Spectators for players aged 9-12 may proceed to the main clubhouse for NORMAN course, while spectators for players aged 13-18 may go to AOKI clubhouse for entry verification. Only spectators are required to register. Players are no longer expected to register, but must be at their respective starting hole, ready to play, 10 minutes before their tee time.

Packed snacks in lieu of consumable food stubs shall be given at the player’s starting hole. Kindly inform the Eagle Ridge staff if you have allergies or other food concerns.

Spectators who will be renting golf carts will be given carts in the sequence of the player’s tee time that they will be spectating. No reservations will be accommodated, but a wait list shall be made in the event that carts are not yet available.

All spectators and personal caddies are again required to wear the official JGFP ID/Pass while going around the course. Please make sure to check-in and get your pass at the registration desk of Aoki or Norman clubhouse. The JGFP Spectator Policy will be strictly implemented. Please go over the policies at

All score cards must be submitted at the scoring desk located at the Aoki clubhouse. Norman players will be shuttled to the Aoki clubhouse by official JGFP golf carts. Players are not allowed to ride spectators cart nor private cars to the Aoki clubhouse. Aoki players must walk to the Aoki clubhouse. Violation of this rule will incur a general penalty of two strokes.

Players should ONLY sign the scorecard at the scoring table with the presence of a JGFP official.

Caddies, parents and spectators are prohibited from entering the scoring area.