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Sixteen participants launch the restart of the Junior Golf Foundation of the Philippines season at the Riviera Sports and Country Club in Silang, Cavite Sunday.

Competitions will be held for 6-and-under and 7-8 age group divisions for boys and girls. The girls will tee off on the first hole beginning with the flight of Kamila Edrianna del Mundo and Stephanie Joy Gaisano Gan in the 6-and-under class at 8:30 a.m. Two flights in the 7-8 bracket follow suit. At 8:45 a.m., Maria Brianna Macasaet, Maurysse Abalos and Georgina Handog tee off followed by the pairing of Tyra Garingalao, Alexine Adrielle Malapitan and Mikaela Felice Torres at 9 a.m. The boys will start on the seventh hole beginning at 8:35 a.m. featuring Maximus Aliwalas, Rafael Lucas de Guzman and Kenzo Gavin Handog in the 6-and-under division. In the 7-8 bracket, Lucas Miguel Garcia and Ryuji Suzuki tee off at 8:50 a.m. followed by the flight of Oscar Dale Malapitan, Raiden Jmari Valle and Travis Chua at 9:05 a.m.

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Shinichi Suzuki and Gabie Rosca clinched the IMG Academy Junior Qualifiers second batch top honors last Sunday at the Club Intramuros in Manila.

Suzuki finished with 223, banking on rounds of 74-76-73, to top the Class C division and earned a slot to the IMG Academy Junior World Championship in San Diego, California in July.

Suzuki joins the 44 total qualifiers to represent the Junior Golf Foundation of the Philippines and our country in the prestigious annual Junior World Golf Championships. The 28 slots were contested and decided last weekend at the Club Intramuros Golf Club and Riviera Sports Club to join the other 16 qualifiers in Eagleridge the previous week.

He was followed by Patrick Gene Tambalque at second position with 231 (71-78-82) and won via playoff over Luis Anton Ballesteros with 231 (80-75-76). Rafael Leonio settled for fourth with 234 (76-85-73).

Rosca sizzled with 221 to top the distaff with her 72-79-70 three-day performance and beat Mikhaella Constantino by five strokes at 226 (75-77-74).

Celine Abalos wound up at third with 233 (75-74-84) while Reese Allyson Ng shot a 235 (71-87-77).

In Class D, Clement Ordeneza scored a final round 73 to finish with 224, counting rounds of 72 and 79, to claim the crown in his division.

Rajah Crisostomo followed with 225 (79-72-74) at second, Geoffrey Drew Tan with 225 (69-79-77) at third, and Marc Kristoffer Nadales with 231 (79-75-77) at fourth.

Francesca Nicole Gan shone in the Girl’s division with her 246 (85-81-80) and Christiane Monique Ong with 248 (84-85-79). Tashanah Balangauan grabbed the third spot with 256 (94-84-78) while Kendra Garingalao shot a 294 (97-96-101).

Qualifiers and winners over at the Riviera Sports Club were Girl’s 7-8 Division champion Lisa Sarines (63-70-70m 203), Mona Sarines (68-68-69, 205), and Keira Justine Que (73-77-68, 218).

Other winners in Class E were Ralph Rian Batican (201), Vito Sarines (201) and Ahn Chan (214).

Rafella Adrienna Batican (259), Maria Brianna Macasaet (271), and Mikaela Felice Torres (302) grabbed the slots in Class F while Ryuji Sukuzi (184), Lucas Miguel Garcia (250), and Mico Deltheo Woo (257).

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Geoffrey Tan kept the lead despite his 79 in the penultimate leg of the IMG Academy Junior Qualifiers second batch on Saturday at the Club Intramuros in Manila.
Tan fumbled with his 40 and 39 in the par-66 layout that host Class C and D jungolfers.
Tan, who earlier had 69, still keep a three-point lead over Rajah Crisostomo’s 151. Crisostomo climbed the rock after improving from 79 to 72. Clement Ordoneza dropped to the third position after a 79 for 151.
Francesca Gan remained the Girls’ 9-10 leader by firing an 81 for 166 followed by Christiane Ong with 85 for 169 and Tashanah Balangauan with 84 for 178.
Patrick Tambalque slows down after scoring a 78 to combine his first day 71 for 149 and trimmed down his lead to one against Shinichi Suzuki, who posted a 76 for 150. 
Luis Anton Balesteros is in the third position with 155 after firing 75 in Class D.
Celine Abalos sizzled with a 74 for 149 and remained to be a strong contender for the top honors, ahead of Gabie Rosca and Mikhaella Constantino, who had 79 and 77 for 151 and 152, respectively.
The Class E division is led by Ralph Rian Batican with 132 (68-64) followed by Vito Sarines with 139 (68-71) and Chan Ahn with 141 (73-68).
Lisa and Mona Sarines moved closer for a 1-2 finish with their 133 (63-70) and 136 (68-68) scores after two days of battle, respectively.
Rafella Adrienne Batican moved up from the second position to lead the Class F with 172 (87-85) while Ryuji Suzuki maintained his ranking by producing a 63 for 124.
The final round happens on Sunday to determine the country’s representative to the IMG Academy Junior World Championships set on July 6 to 10 in San Diego, California.

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Geoffrey Tan shot a three-over 69 while Patrick Tambalque and Reese Ng had five-over 71 to open the second batch of 2020 IMG Academy Junior Qualifiers on Friday at the Club Intramuros in Manila.

Tan, who is playing in the Boys’ 9-10 division, scored a 34 and 35 to pump up his three-day campaign on a good note.

He was followed by Clement Ordeneza with 72 and Jakob Taruc with 78.

Christiane Monique Ong made an 84 followed by Francesca Nicole Gan with 85 and Tashanah Balangauan with 94 in the Girls’ 9-10.

Tambalque seized an early three-stroke lead, banking on rounds of 38 and 33, against the 74 of Shinichi Suzuki and the 76 of Rafael Leonio in the Class C boy’s category.

Reese Ng, who’s playing in the girls’ 11-12, powered a 71, just 1 stroke ahead of Gabie Rosca who shot a 72, while trailing 3 strokes behind Rosca are Celine Abalos and Mikha Constantino with their 75.

Over in Silang, Cavite, Vito Sarines and Ralph Batican shot an identical eight-over 68s while Jose Gomez produced a 71 at the short but challenging Riviera Sports Club Golf Course, which hosts the Classes E and F.

Lisa Sarines led the campaign in the Girls’ 7-8 with her 63 followed by Mona Sarines with 68 and Keira Que with 73.

In the Boy’s 6-under, where the par of the course is 58, Ryuji Suzuki sizzled with a three-over 61, leading by 22 strokes off Lucas Garcia with 83 and Mico Woo with 85.

Maria Brianna Macasaet shot an identical 87 with Rafella Adrienne Batican followed by Mikaela Felice Torres with 105 at third.

The action continues for the penultimate round, where winners will get a chance to represent the country to the IMG Academy Junior World Championships set on July 6 to 10 in San Diego, California.

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Sean Jean Ramos cruised to a five-point victory to top the 2020 IMG Academy Junior World Qualifiers on Monday at the Eagle Ridge Golf and Country Club in Cavite.
The Southeast Asian Games bronze medalist Ramos arranged a four-over 76, one stroke behind the 75 of Jet Hernandez in the deciding last round.
Ramos banked on a solid first and second round with his 75 and 77 to arrange a 228-aggregate in the Class A division.
Hernandez came in at second position with 233-total, counting his 80-78-75 while Jed Dy settled for third with 238 from rounds of 84-79-75. Perry Josef Bucay seized fourth place with 244 (89-78-77).
Burberry Zhang overpowered early leaders to seize the Girls’ 15-18 division plum with 241 (81-81-79). She defeated Mafy Singson, who finished with 242 from 83-83-76, while Samantha Dizon settled for second runner-up with 243 (84-80-79 ) and Eagle Ace Superal for third runner-up with 246 (84-83-79).
Santino Pineda grabbed the limelight in the Boys’ 13-14 finishing with 237 (84-78-75).
Zachary Castro took the second spot with 240 (77-83-80) followed by Sean Young with 242 (78-78-86) and Jacob Cajita with 250 (82-86-82) at third and fourth places, respectively.
Meanwhile, Grace Quintanilla powered an eleven-stroke victory by finishing 238 from 82-76-80 to win the Girls’ 13-14 division.
Quintanilla subdued Kiara Montebon with 249 (86-83-80), two-strokes ahead of second runner-up Alethea Gaccion at 251 (85-83-83) while Anya Cedo landed at fourth position with 260 (90-86-84).
The winners will represent the country to the IMG Academy Junior World Golf Championships in San Diego, California on July 6 to 10.
On the other hand, Classes C to F will take place simultaneously next week at the Club Intramuros and Riviera Sports Club.